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Mario Hardwood Flooring Barrington, IL – Get To Know Us

The best hardwood flooring in Barrington can last a long time with minimal efforts applied. At Mario Hardwood Flooring, we provide great benefits with our hardwood floor installation, hardwood floor refinishing, and hardwood floor repair services in Barrington. 

Our business has been operating for the past 15 years. In that time, we have protected numerous property floorings by sanding hardwood floors and staining hardwood floors to their best appearance. 

Our flooring installers in Barrington are never fazed with large projects. In fact, they take pride in sharing their expertise for the satisfaction of our clients. We do everything in our capabilities to get the job done as perfectly as possible. We work as a team and receive our clients with the utmost professionalism they deserve.

Whether you are a patron or a new client, expect to be treated well. Contact Mario Hardwood Flooring in Barrington today!

Hardwood Flooring Contractors
Barrington Services

If you are looking for high quality hardwood floor refinishing in Barrington, or any hardwood flooring service, contacting Mario Flooring is the place to start. Our experienced and customer focused flooring contractors offer professional advice to ensure that all our clients get the exact hardwood floor installation or wood floor finishing that you want in Barrington. We can offer hardwood floor advice on many things, including but not limited to: 

Hardwood Floor Installation Barrington, IL

An offer for a cheaper maintenance option but still gets you to that perfect scenery of your home’s backdrop with an intriguing value.Our team of experts will walk you through all options including in depth details,striking inlays and magnificent borders of your choice.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Barrington, IL

In case you want to refurbish that old wood flooring and get rid of scratches,and unfinished or dull areas,reach out to our qualified contractors who come in handy with heavy-duty equipment necessary for complex job completion.

Hardwood Floor Repair
Barrington, IL

Less complex issues like scratched or gauged areas in the wood can be renovated to preserve the integrity of the whole floor. It is highly recommended that rotten or damaged sections should be repaired to maintain the great look.

Sanding Hardwood Flooring Barrington, IL

Our hardwood flooring contractors from Barrington will be happy to offer advice on the best sanding method that meets your flooring needs.In essence ,the preservation and elimination of unwarranted scratches,marks ,scuffs and stains will be taken care of. 

Staining Hardwood Flooring Barrington, IL

Among the services we offer are protection of your new wood flooring and refinishing 10 year old ones.Options of popular finishes and topcoats are at your disposal to choose what best fits the natural stunning look of your wooden stairs and hardwood flooring.

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Why Choose Us – Mario Hardwood Floor Refinishing Barrington, IL

Most people are uncertain about what to look for in their hardwood floor installation companies. MARIO Hardwood Flooring in Barrington offers an amazing selection of materials starting with vinyl and laminate, and running through all kinds of prefinished and engineered flooring.

Our hardwood flooring contractors in Barrington prepare every customer with a clear free estimate on hardwood floor installation, hardwood floor repair, and hardwood floor refinishing. We can help make your choice much easier.

Whether you’re looking for a new floor installation or a major floor repair, our flooring contractors in Barrington give you the very best in quality using top-grade products and offering the ultimate in service. We can guarantee outstanding and lasting results with every floor.

Living within your budget is important, so we make it a point to offer a selection of stylish hardwood flooring solutions at prices that are set to fit any budget, big or small. Our flooring contractors in Barrington can certainly work within your budget.   

Staying on schedule is one of the main requirements for all our flooring contractors in Barrington. We quickly communicate any potential delays resulting from unforeseen circumstances, so you can avoid losing valuable time and hard-earned money.

Our professional flooring installers in Barrington have more than 15 magnificent years of hardwood flooring experience. That’s how we bring you the highest level of workmanship for your hardwood flooring installation, refinishing, sanding, staining, or repair, together with wooden stair proficiency and all the great finishing details you could ask for. 
How Long It Takes

How Long It Takes To Finish Hardwood Flooring Installation Barrington, Il

To complete a hardwood floor installation in Barrington takes about 1 to 3 days. Also, 750-1,000 square feet can be installed by two installers a day for a project that measures 1,000-1,500 square feet.

Why It Might Take Shorter?
Flooring contractors in Barrington can finish in a shorter period when the project is smaller than 1,000 to 1,500 square feet. Even shorter when the space is open. Experts at MARIO Hardwood Flooring can install 1,500 square feet and above daily.

Why It Might Take Longer?
The installation process takes longer due to different factors, including the project size, number of obstacles such as fixtures and cabinets, and wood floor patterns like parquet and herringbone. Having a staircase in your home can also add a day of work. Avoid delays during the project when you ask our experts to do a subfloor inspection before the project execution.

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Testimonials About Mario Flooring in Barrington, IL

David Samblore

David Samblore

When my friend told me about Mario Hardwood Flooring Contractors, I didn’t know what to expect from my hardwood floor refinishing in Barrington. But they were outstanding, giving my floor an incredible finish.   

Christina Porteski

Christina Porteski

I thought my slim budget would be a problem in finding the professionals to provide wood floor refinishing in Barrington. Then came Mario Hardwood Flooring Contractors with their exceptional hardwood flooring knowledge and a price that worked for me.    

Samantha Molina

Samantha Molina

Mario Hardwood Flooring Contractors provided me with a hardwood floor installation in Barrington and they did exactly what they promised in the time given. My home looks stunning.

5 Benefits of Hardwood Refinishing Barrington, IL

1. A Beautiful Floor
Refinishing your hardwood flooring with the help of professionals eliminates all gritty surfaces, scratches, and dents.

 2. Save Money
Professional hardwood floor refinishing lessens maintenance and is more cost-effective than getting a new floor replacement.

3. Improve Your Home’s Value
Your home’s flooring makes a strong impression on those who look at it. Refinishing your floors with the help of professional flooring contractors in Barrington adds beauty to your place, giving you confidence whenever a guest or potential buyer comes over.

4. Increases Safety
A damaged floor increases risks to your family’s safety, and it looks terrible too! For instance, a hardwood floor that is splintering can seriously injure someone’s foot.

 5. Wards Off Pests
The cracks and craters in a damaged wood floor can be a dwelling place for pests like termites and ants. We at Mario Hardwood Floor Refinishing only provide top-notch floor refinishing services to ensure your satisfaction.

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