Hardwood Floor Refinishing Near Me In Hoffman Estates, IL

With more than 15 years on the market Mario Flooring Inc in Hoffman Estates has been your best ally to get the hardwood floor you were dreaming of. We are a family-owned and operated business that has passion and vision for its community. Our company takes pride in its teams. Specially trained and with all the skills required to achieve an amazing job, we guarantee a policy of only quality products to assure our results. We offer several services and materials for hardwood floor installation and refinishing like: vinyl, laminate, pre-finished, and engineered flooring. Trust our expert’s workmanship and techniques on Hardwood Flooring Refinishing, Hardwood Flooring Installation, Wood Stairs Installation, Sanding, Staining & Repair. With only a quality products policy, our experts will guide you to select the best solution for your problem or need.
Our team’s purpose is to give you the best professional service you deserve. We will happily provide you with the answers to all of your questions, contact us to start your project!

Hardwood Flooring Contractors
Hoffman Estates Services

When it comes to hardwood floor refinishing and all hardwood flooring at Hoffman Estates, Mario Flooring Inc is the company to call and the team to trust. Our experter flooring installed team will guide you through everything you need to know, allowing you to make sound and informed decisions about your hardwood flooring needs. We offer a range of hardwood floor installation services at Hoffman Estates, which our talented flooring contractors can tell you about, including: 

Hardwood Floor Installation Hoffman Estates, IL

A great value for your money in maintenance giving you a magnificent look to your home.You will be in torch with our professional team to explore options in deep details,decorative borders and fine inlays according to your wish.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing near me in Hoffman Estates, IL

If you want to restore your old wood flooring from scratches ,unfinished areas or dull finishes,contact our hardwood flooring contractors from Hoffman Estates who come equipped with heavy-duty equipment to handle any sort of jobs.

Hardwood Floor Repair Hoffman Estates, IL

Rather than redoing the whole floor,small things like scratches and gouged floor can be repaired to preserve the whole floor outlook. To maintain the great look,it is recommended that you repair rotten or damaged sections.

Sanding Hardwood Flooring Hoffman Estates, IL

Our hardwood floor refinishing contractors in Hoffman Estates will be happy to guide you in selecting the best sanding methods in regards to your flooring needs.This will be vital in preserving your hardwood floor at the same time getting rid of unwanted marks,scratches,stains and scuffs.

Staining Hardwood Flooring Hoffman Estates, IL

We offer refinishing services for old floors and even protection to your brand-new wood floor.An array of finishes and popular topcoats are at your disposal,you can choose what befits the natural beauty of your wooden stairs and hardwood flooring.

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Why Choose Mario Hardwood Floor Refinishing Hoffman Estates, IL

If you’re like most, you’re unsure of what to look for in hardwood floor installation companies. MARIO Hardwood Flooring in Hoffman Estates offers a great assortment of materials that includes vinyl, laminate, prefinished, and engineered flooring.

Our hardwood flooring contractors in Hoffman Estates first provide customers with a detailed free estimate on hardwood floor installation, hardwood floor repair, and hardwood floor refinishing. So we help make your decision much easier.

Whether you need a new floor installation or a repair, our flooring contractors in Hoffman Estates work to the highest standards of quality using the finest products available and offering the best service possible. We’ll guarantee great and lasting results every time.

Living within your means is important, which is why our selection offers stylish hardwood flooring solutions are offered at prices that can fit into any budget, large or small. Our flooring contractors in Hoffman Estates will work with you.  

Sticking to the schedule is a primary requirement of all our flooring contractors in Hoffman Estates. We promptly communicate any delays that arise due to unforeseen circumstances, helping you to avoid losing valuable time and money.

Our expert flooring installers in Hoffman Estates have over 15 glorious years of professional experience. So we can provide you the finest workmanship for your hardwood flooring installation, refinishing, sanding, staining, or repair, along with wooden stair expertise and all the right finishing details. 

How Long Does It Take For Hardwood Flooring Installation Hoffman Estates, IL?

Hardwood flooring installation in Hoffman Estates takes around 1-3 days. Two installers can lay 750 to 1,000 square feet flooring a day to an average job size of 1,000 to 5,000 square feet.

When is your hardwood flooring installation going to take shorter?

Flooring contractors need less time to finish smaller projects of less than 1,000 to 1,500 square feet. The timeframe will be shorter for obstacle-free and open spaces. A reputable flooring installer in Hoffman Estates can lay more than 1,500 square feet in one day.

When is your hardwood flooring installation going to take longer?

Since the size of your space determines the required timeframe for hardwood floor installation, we at Mario Hardwood Flooring Contractors will conduct subfloor inspections. This will prevent unexpected delays during installation. Fixtures like cabinets and fireplaces slow down the process, as well as requested patterns like parquet and herringbone. Staircases also take a day to finish.


Benefits Of Hardwood Refinishing Hoffman Estates, Il

1. A Fine Floor

Letting our professionals do the hardwood floor refinishing project in your home at Hoffman Estates can make it easier and faster to remove scratches, dents, and gritty surfaces.

2. More Money Saved

Our hardwood flooring contractors in Hoffman Estates refinish wood floors for a reasonable price, allowing you to save money on home improvement.

3. Bigger Home Value

Since the flooring of a home always leaves a strong impression on people, wood refinishing is ideal as it can boost your home’s aesthetic game.

4. Greater Safety

The value of your home is not the only factor that damaged flooring can affect. It can also risk the safety of your family and guests.

5. Prevent Pests

The holes and cracks on damaged wood floors are the favorite spots of pests like ants and termites. So, we at Mario Hardwood Floor Refinishing near me in Hoffman Estates help eliminate these issues by providing high-end wood floor refinishing.

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Testimonials About Mario Flooring in Hoffman Estates, IL

Shelly Grominder

Shelly Grominder

I heard great things about Mario Hardwood Flooring Contractors, so I called them for hardwood floor refinishing in Hoffman Estates. They more than lived up to their great reputation and left me with gorgeous floors.    

Simon Andujar

Simon Andujar

After searching for a company that could offer wood floor refinishing in Hoffman Estates while staying within my budget, I was happy I found Mario Hardwood Flooring Contractors. Their work was outstanding and they gave me a great price that fits right into my budget.     

Roger Benitez

Darlene Wendleson

Mario Hardwood Flooring Contractors went above and beyond for my hardwood floor installation in Hoffman Estates, accommodating my unstable schedule to get the work completed. Plus, they took care of every detail. 


FAQ – Hardwood Flooring Installation Hoffman Estates, IL

What Can I Expect While I Have My Hardwood Floor Installation?

First, if needed, your old flooring will be removed, and the subfloor will be cleaned and leveled. Then your new hardwood flooring can be put down. Your flooring contractors in Hoffman Estates will cut the boards to the required lengths right at your location and when completed, the sawdust and waste material will be cleaned up immediately. While the work is done, the areas being installed should be blocked off and avoided.  

Can I Afford Hardwood Flooring?

One of the most common questions about hardwood flooring in Hoffman Estates concerns price. Several things can affect the price of hardwood floors. Consider the type of wood, the length and width of the boards, solid wood or engineered hardwood flooring, and the finish you want for your new floors. At Mario Hardwood Floor Installation in Hoffman Estates, we can offer great ideas that work with your budget. Because hardwood wood floors are long-lasting and require very little maintenance, you get tremendous value over the years as compared to other types of floors.

Reasons to Hire a Pro for Hardwood Floor Refinishing Hoffman Estates, IL

No. 1 – Equipment
Hardwood floor refinishing in Hoffman Estates involves a lot of equipment, which you have to search for at tool-renting centers unless you happen to have an 8-inch revolving drum sander on hand.
No. 2 – Workload and cleanup
Wood floor refinishing takes a lot of time and effort, which most DIYers in Hoffman Estates don’t realize. Among the common mistakes of hardwood flooring near me  in Hoffman Estates is the use of a drum sander. Holding this equipment in one place for an extended period imposes dips in your hardwoods.
Refinishing hardwood floors is a constant process. When sanding hardwood floors in Hoffman Estates, clean up 100% of the debris and sawdust.
No. 3 – Expertise
Professional hardwood flooring contractors in Hoffman Estates do this daily. At Mario Hardwood Floor Refinishing, your wood floors will look the way you want them. Professional flooring contractors in Hoffman Estates also deliver on time.

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Hardwood Flooring Hoffman Estates, IL – Things You Probably Didn’t Know

Health Benefits
Aside from the aesthetic value of hardwood flooring near me in Hoffman Estates, they also have health benefits. Hardwood flooring can significantly improve the indoor air quality of your home. Unlike other types of flooring, hardwood doesn’t have fibers to trap dust, mites, pollen, and animal danger. 

Lower Energy Bills
Wood is a conductor, and it absorbs heat and allows it to circulate. It saves money on your utilities as it doesn’t have to work hard to maintain the temperature inside your home. 

Can be Easy to Install
Laminate flooring installation has a “click” installation system that makes the wood fit together seamlessly. While it is easy to install, hiring a professional hardwood flooring contractor is still better for installing other types of wood flooring professionally. 

Increased Property Value
Hardwood flooring is beautiful, long-lasting, and has supreme quality; thus, it increases the overall value of your property. Contact Mario Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Hoffman Estates for top-notch hardwood flooring installation.