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Mario Wooden Stairs Installation Arlington Heights, IL

Mario Wooden Stairs is a family-owned and operated business with over fifteen years of experience bringing Arlington Heights professional workmanship and expertise in wood stairs installation. At Mario Wooden Stairs, we specialize in providing top-notch wood stairs made to individual specifications. Our stairs installation gives character, beauty, and functionality to every property to a new level. 

We pride ourselves on using high-quality materials, including laminate, vinyl, pre-finished, and engineered flooring. Our stairs contractors can produce any model and design depending on your style and needs. Our wood stairs are priced competitively for the quality, specification, and construction as a standard. We value our customers, so we make sure that they are satisfied with our work. We take time to listen and discuss our client’s requirements and needs and provide you with answers to all of your questions. Give us a call today so we can start planning your stairs installation in Arlington Heights.

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Benefits Of Wooden Stairs Installation Arlington Heights, IL

Your wooden stairs at home are a distinctive feature that sees a lot of foot activity. For this reason, it is ideal to invest in a material that lasts for a long time. When choosing the material for your stairs, the aesthetic, durability, and warmth of wooden stairs are unbeatable. Wood stairs provide a classic beauty to your abode as wood gives a natural feel to it. The organic and relaxing feel of wood stairs and railing is the best. High-end wood stairs installation in Arlington Heights can add value to your home. Also, this material requires less maintenance and is durable compared to other materials used for staircases. With proper stairs installation and maintenance, you can enjoy your wood stairs for many years!

If you want to have simple or classic stairs at home, wood is the material you should opt for.
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Tips For Maintenance – Wooden Stairs Arlington Heights, IL

Vacuum, sweep, and mop your wooden stairs in Arlington Heights regularly to keep them clean. 

Avoid leaving spills and wet spots on the wood stairs for too long to avoid warping and leaving stains. 

Prevent damages on your wood stairs by placing rugs near the entrance to keep small pieces of dirt and gravel off the bottom of the shoes that might scratch your floor. 

Apply and buff a new layer of wax on the top of the dented and scratched area for easy wooden stairs repair. 

When cleaning wooden stairs in Arlington Heights, use soft materials like a vacuum with a soft brush or soft-head mop or broom to avoid damaging the material. 

Our professionals at Mario Hardwood Stairs Arlington Heights can help you take care of your flooring with our wood stairs installation and other services. Give us a call today!