About Mario Wooden Stairs Highland Park, IL

At Mario Wooden Stairs, we have dedicated the past 15 years to presenting homes and offices with beautiful and strong stairs installation Highland Park. Only premium materials are used to ensure the top-notch quality of our wooden stairs. We have a great team overlooking every wood stairs installation project, so we could give our clients the best quality possible.

Our stairs contractors are dependable and professionally creative in suggesting the best concepts for any property. We will make sure that your ideas will not only be heard and acknowledged but fulfilled as well. We apply vinyl, laminate, pre-finished, or engineered flooring to our wood stairs, depending on your chosen material.

At Mario Wooden Stairs, enjoy the freedom of expressing your ideas while you leave all the labor to us. Reach out to us anytime to know more about our services.


Benefits of Installation Wooden Stairs Highland Park, IL

No matter what interior style you want to achieve, wood stairs installation in Highland Park can surely compliment them. Wooden stairs add an organic, natural feel to any space that offers warmth and comfort to your home. Wood stairs and wood stairs railing have been rising in popularity because of their many benefits. One of the most significant advantages of wood stair installation is the value that it will add to your home. A beautiful natural staircase can add value to your property and make yours stand out in the market if you consider selling it someday. Wood is durable, customizable, and easy to maintain. Aside from being easy to clean, dust and other allergens can’t be trapped in wood floors. 

There are many stairs contractors in Highland Park in the market today, but make sure that you hire only professionals to give you the best advice, guidance, and high-quality results. If you want a beautiful and top-notch wooden staircase in your home, call Mario Wooden Stairs Installation Highland Park today!

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Wooden Stairs Highland Park, IL – Tips For Maintenance

Regularly Clean The Wood Stairs
To preserve your wooden stairs in Highland Park clean, sweep, vacuum, and mop them on a regular basis.

Clean Up Any Water Or Spills Immediately
To minimize warping and staining, avoid leaving spills and damp patches on the wood steps for too long.

Save The Wooden Stairs
Place rugs at the entryway to prevent tiny bits of mud and gravel off the bottom of shoes that might harm your floor.

Work With Dents
For simple wooden stair repair, pour and buff a new coat of paraffin on top of the bruised and damaged surface.

Avoid Harmful Materials
To minimize harming the material, use soft products while cleaning wood stairs in Highland Park, such as a vacuum with a soft brush or a soft-head mop or broom.

With our wood stairs installation Highland Park and other services, our stairs contractors at Mario Wooden Stairs Highland Park can help you take care of your flooring. Give us a call now!