Mario Stairs Installation Near Me In Mount Prospect, IL – About Us

Spruce up your home or office with our wood stairs and make your space look cleaner, wider, and purposefully designed. Mario Wooden Stairs is a family-owned and operated business with various branches in the surrounding suburbs. Our expertise lies in wood stairs installation for different spaces, including commercial and residential establishments.

Trust our skillful stairs contractors Mount Prospect to get the job done and deliver the stairs installation worthy for your property. With our premium materials made to last, durability and stability would be the least of your problems. From vinyl, laminate, and pre-finished to engineered flooring, our wooden stairs Mount Prospect are built to give a lasting impression.

Trends come and go but our timeless wooden stairs Mount Prospect are here to stay. Make your home or office looking supreme with our wood stairs installation near me in Mount Prospect. Call us!

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Wooden Stairs Mount Prospect, IL – Benefits of Installation

Your stairs at home are a unique component that experiences a lot of foot traffic. So why not make a good investment in a material that will last for many years? When it comes to choosing stairs material, nothing beats the beauty, warmth, and durability of wooden stairs. Wood stairs can give your authentic home beauty because of the natural allure of wood in the house. The relaxing and organic feel that wood stairs and wood stairs railing is unparalleled. A high-quality wood stairs installation in Mount Prospect could increase the overall value of your home. It is easier to clean and more durable than other staircase materials. If well-maintained and properly installed, your wood stairs can last for many years! 

Whether you want to have a classic approach and keep it simple, wood stairs are customizable to the unique ambiance of your home. 

Call Mario Wooden Stairs Installation near me in Mount Prospect for high-quality stairs installation.

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Tips To Maintain Your Wooden Stairs Mount Prospect, IL

Maintain A Regular Cleaning Schedule For The Wooden Stairway
Wooden stairs in Mount Prospect need frequent maintenance using a broom, vacuum, and a mop.

Remove Any Standing Water Or Spills Immediately
Leaving liquids on wooden stairs Mount Prospect for too long may cause warping and discoloration.

Be Wary Of The Wooden Stairs
Putting carpets at the foot of the stairs may protect the wood from being scratched by grit and other debris tracked in on people’s shoes.

Handle Scratch Issues
Wooden stair repair is as simple as applying fresh wax and buffing it into the dented and scraped region.

Stay Away From Sharp Items
If you want to keep your wood stairs in good shape, it’s best to clean them using gentle tools like a vacuum with a soft brush, a mop with a soft head, or a broom with a soft bristle.

Whether you need new wood stairs installation near me in Mount Prospect or other flooring services, Mario Wooden Stairs Mount Prospect is here to assist. Please contact our stairs contractors right away.

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