Mario Stairs Installation Near Me In Northbrook, IL

At Mario Wooden Stairs, we provide commercial and residential homes with our unique creations. 15 years ago, our company was started and has now grown into a trusted brand by many local clients looking for strong and quality-made wooden stairs Northbrook. Our business gets by with the professional help of our expert stairs contractors, eager to provide their services at any time. 

Our wood stairs are authentic and built with durability and great design in mind. Using only the most premium materials ever, we provide a generous array of options of vinyl, laminate, pre-finished, and engineered flooring.

Many have come to us with urgent stairs installation needs and left with a high level of satisfaction and a better-looking property. Time and time again, we deliver our clients’ unique needs, meet their expectations, and keep their valued trust. Contact us today!


Benefits of Wood Stairs Installation Near Me In Northbrook, IL

Benefits of Wood Stairs Installation Northbrook, IL

With just wooden stairs in Northbrook, you can instantly upgrade the look of your home, giving it a fresh, cozy, and modern feel. Adding wood stairs in your home can change the ambiance and atmosphere of your living space. Your family and guests will indeed feel more relaxed and natural. One of the first things you will notice when entering someone’s house is your stairs. They can be a solid focal point for your home. Wooden stairs are also easy to clean and maintain. With proper brushing and minimal cleaning, you can keep it spotless in no time. Another benefit of stairs installation in Northbrook is that wood lasts. With professional installation and proper treatment, your wooden staircases and wood stairs railings will last for many years. 

If you consider wood stairs installation near me in Northbrook, call Mario Wooden Stairs Installation. We are one of the leading providers of wooden stairs in Northbrook.

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How To Maintain – Wooden Stairs Northbrook, IL

Periodically Clean The Wood Stairs
To keep your wooden stairs clean in Northbrook, frequently vacuum, sweep, and mop them.

Immediately Clean Up Any Spills Of Water
To prevent warping and staining, don’t leave spills and damp areas on the wood steps for an extended period of time.

Save The Wood Stairs
Rugs placed close to the entry may prevent tiny particles of dirt and gravel from falling off shoes and scratching your floor, protecting your wood stairs installation from harm.

Take Care Of Dent
For simple wooden stair repair, apply and buff a fresh coat of wax on top of the dented and scratched region.

Don’t Use Harsh Materials
To prevent harming the material while cleaning wooden stairs in Northbrook, use soft cleaning tools like a vacuum with a soft brush, a soft-head mop, or a broom.

With our wood stair installation and other services at Mario Stair Installation Near Me In Northbrook, our stairs contractors can assist you in maintaining your flooring. Call us right away!